The Year of Living Purposefully and The Importance of Big Ideas

The Year of Living Purposefully and The Importance of Big Ideas

the year of living purposefullyThe Year of Living Purposefully  and The Importance of Big Ideas

I have just spent about  7 days straight recording and editing videos. I am now writing sales copy and in a couple of days, I’ll start selling a high-ticket package to Business Coaches and Marketing Consultants.

And here’s the thing:

All of this started with a simple “Big” idea.

I had been speaking to a business coach here in the UK and right in the middle of our conversation it dawned on me that whilst she really knew her stuff when it came to coaching people, she absolutely sucked when it came to marketing her coaching practice.

Something wonderful happened that day…

First, I realized that there were probably tens of thousands of business coaches and marketing consultants just like her, that were in exactly the same boat when it came to marketing.

Great at WHAT they do – NOT so great when it comes to MARKETING what they do.

Secondly, I knew with everything within me that I had the answer they needed [I have been successfully getting clients for 15 years now].

Suddenly I had an almighty flash of the blindingly obvious.

If these people were given a complete, done-for-you, fill-in-the-blanks system that helped them get a constant supply of new clients and if it helped them quickly get those new clients to a place of outstanding clarity [showing them how to explode their sales, cash flow and profits] then we would have one heck of a brilliant package to offer people.

I then realized that if we paid people a $4,000 affiliate commission per sale, we would have no problem in seeing serious players promote our new package to their lists.

Can you see where I am heading with this?

Let me spell it out for you…

I could have just created a $37 ebook or a $197 course.

Instead I opted for the “Big” idea and the result is going to be perceived as an absolute ‘dream come  true’ for whoever is lucky enough to be allowed to buy it.

The thing is… “Big” ideas take a heck of a lot of work

And most people don’t like the prospect of having to give and give and give and so they opt for an easier route.

But something terrible happens when you do that…

Your imagination is chained and your life shrinks. Instead of having “Big” ideas, you opt for mediocre ones.

You leave a potential fortune on the table.

– – Big ideas.

– – Small ideas.

The choice is entirely yours.

Let me leave you with this thought: “If you want to live purposefully, you are going to have to accept the fact that you and “Big” ideas have to get very well acquainted with one another.”

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