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How to Sell High-Ticket Services [Part 2]

How to Sell High-Ticket Services [Part 2]

how to sell high-ticket products and services
An Inside Look at a Business Designed to Help You Make $20,000 to $50,000 a Month…

Today we are going to take a closer look at what a high-ticket product looks like from the client’s perspective.

Again, we will use the example of the package I am currently offering at:

We designed this package to help people become a sought-after

  • Business Consultant
  • Business Coach
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Or to help them see more sales, cash flow and profits if they already are one of the above.

There are 7 Points To Cover:


Because literally everything stands or falls right there! In our case we have created a complete, done-for-you ‘Business in a Box’ specifically designed to help someone see $20,000 to $50,000 a month in sales.


In order to help people reach these income levels, we have created a raft of lead generations tools that come branded with the coach, consultant or marketers name/business details.

These Include:
– – 14 Lead generation Videos

– – 10 Checklists

– – Our client also receive the rights to a couple of top-quality courses [almost 500 pages]

The idea behind these is that they are used to ‘Move the Free Line’ in other words; these make fantastic gifts to give to a potential client at first, second or first contacts.

Our buyers also receive a direct-mail letter designed to attract serious leads. As a Copywriter people pay me tens of thousands of dollars to write copy for them so this one thing alone would cost them more than their investment in this entire package.

NOTE: We place huge emphasis on building the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor in all marketing activities.

This involves: Positioning the consultant, coach or marketer as the ‘Expert of Choice’ in their market. Because nobody feels compelled to seek out the wise man or woman at the BOTTOM of the mountain!

NOTE: These are all ‘Done For You’ products, which is a huge selling advantage.

Most people absolutely love the idea of saving time and money [not to mention avoiding the stress] involved in product creation… Next Comes Identifying Solutions. 

IMPORTANT: If you were to put a gun to my head and ask me to reveal the number one thing I have discovered in 16 years as a full-time copywriter and marketing consultant, it is this:

People Buy Solutions!

And so in our package, people receive the rights to use our unique:

101-Point Marketing Audit [Assessment]

How This Works:

You simply sit down with a client over Skype, on the phone or face to face and walk them through a series of 101 diagnostic questions designed to create a laser-accurate picture and understanding of exactly where the business is now in regards to marketing and the specific steps the owner needs to implement in order to experience the fulfillment of their specific goals and outcomes.

Note: This is a 100% pitch-free process. But in my own experience it has converted at an astonishing 70 to 80%

Why Does This Work?

Dead simple.

 Solutions! Solutions! Solutions!

More and more we are operating in a marketplace here people seriously don’t want to be ‘sold to’ and they’ll ditch you in a heartbeat if you try.

And yet more and more so-called ‘experts’ continue to push old-fashioned, outdated and ineffective ‘Closing’ techniques.


FACT: Yesterday’s methods just won’t cut it with today’s marketplace.

FACT: People don’t want your techniques; they want to see, hear and feel that you possess genuine, heartfelt integrity.

FACT: More and more they just want you to just cut the hype and get to the point.

FACT: They want you to answer the WIIFM? “What’s In It For Me?”

And so in the process of walking a prospect through our 101-Point Marketing Audit we simply get to know more about their business, share a few solutions [based on their answers] and by the end both parties have a much deeper understanding of the business.


Because a sale ISN’T a sale until the money is in your bank.


The average business owner will have 35 to 40 areas in their business that they will have agreed they should be doing something about.

And this is where the magic comes in…

You see, the very last thing anyone wants is for you to say:

“Well, John/Mary, when we spoke the other day we identified 45 things you need to fix in your marketing. Here’s our proposal to fix them all!”

No way!

Do that and… they will be running for the hills faster than you can bli

So here’s what we do instead:

“John/Mary as you know, when we spoke the other day and went through the marketing audit, we identified 45 areas in your business where you felt you really need to be doing something. But lets face it, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is trying to fix everything at once.

“And so what I have
done is included a simple proposal to fix the top 5 [sometimes 7] things that are going to have the biggest impact on helping you see the outcomes you desire.”

“So why don’t we get these out of the way first and then come back and look at the other areas?”

NOTE: The above script has seen me use this audit package to create over $750,000 in sales.

We also teach how to create proposals that ‘Give the prospect ownership’ of what is on offer [But that is clients’ only stuff].


Our clients receive immediate access to several thousand dollars worth of valuable training that covers a vast number of topics.

They also receive access to valuable stand-alone membership websites.

They also get a session with me working personally on their business.

We also provide in-depth training in regards to using the 101-Point Marketing Audit.

Training also covers:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

But it doesn’t stop there…


These come in the form of checklists, expert interviews, ready-to-be-branded videos for lead generation and much more.

NOTE: As ours in a truly ‘evergreen’ niche [there are always people entering this market] we genuinely envisage the value of this to grow and grow to staggering proportions.


They can offer the following services and outsource them to us. 

We and our team do all the work and they simply add their mark up.

  • Advertising
  • Blog Design
  • Business Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Graphics
  • Internet Marketing
  • Lead Generating Reports
  • Lead Generation Systems
  • Marketing Systems
  • Membership Websites
  • Mindmaps
  • Sales Funnels
  • Sales Training
  • Seminars
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Videos
  • Voiceover Work
  • And much more!


Because people love and appreciate this most of all.

There you have it. This is what our own ‘High-Ticket’ package looks like to a potential client.

As you can see, it really has been created to function as a complete ‘Business in a Box’ and is worth every last penny of the current $14,000 investment our clients make to get access to it.

The aim is to give them everything they need in order to go out and get high-ticket clients.

Check out our quick video here:

How to Sell High-Ticket Services [Part 1]

How to Sell High-Ticket Services [Part 1]

how to sell high-ticket products and servicesThe Real Truth About How to Sell High-Ticket Services  [As opposed to the hyped-up ‘smoke and mirrors’ you might have been told]

In This Article We’ll Take An Inside Look at a Business Designed to Help You Make $20,000 to $50,000 a Month…

To hear some Internet Marketers talk, you would think that anyone can sell high-ticket products and services online with little or no effort.

As you might have guessed, more often than not, this is simply a ploy to persuade you to buy their hyped-up training package.

And so, rather than give you a bunch of empty theory, I thought I’d show you what we do in our own business.

Not just how we sell high-ticket products and services ourselves, but also to help you do the same.

NOTE: In our case, we have created a ‘Business in a Box’ to help people become a high-ticket Business Consultant, Business Coach or Marketer.

So please keep that in mind as you read the rest of this article.

1. First, You Need Systems!

Your own package/service must be systemized. You must have seriously good lead generation, lead conversion and follow-up systems.

How We Generate Leads For Ourselves:

A] We have created seriously good lead generation videos – including two 7-part lead generation courses [both of which we could easily sell for $500 each].

B] We Provide Immediate Solutions. We have also created a very comprehensive marketing checklist [again something we could easily charge serious money for]. This checklist has been specifically designed to help people find immediate solutions for their marketing problems.

C] We Give First. We give prospects complimentary copies of a couple of top-quality marketing courses [that we own the rights to] up front with no strings attached.

NOTE: I paid a total of $10,000 to obtain the rights to these two courses. Please understand that we are not giving people some flimsy eBook that was quickly thrown together in a day and a half.

Why We Do This:

The idea is to build the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ Factor by giving exceptional value in our very first encounter with a prospect.

In our own business, we despise ‘high-pressure’ sales techniques and so we never use them.

D] All Our Marketing is 100% Solutions Based. This is because when you have the solutions people seek, literally everything flows from there!

E] We Speak to People On Skype. At the end of the day, people just want to know if your product or service is a fit for them.

We have found the quickest and easiest way to ascertain if our ‘Business in a Box’ is right for someone is to simply speak to them.

NOTE: I said ‘Speak’ to them. Not ‘Sell’ to them. Seriously – people don’t want to be ‘Sold’ to.

We simply explain what is involved and we describe how they could use it to make serious money.

There is no sales pitch. No sneaky, manipulative, ‘close’ just a friendly conversation and people either love what they see or they don’t.

2. The Importance of Pre-Qualifying Your Prospects!

We use a simple video to explain our offer, which then invites people to pop their details into a simple form to request more information by way of a one on one Skype consultation.

Very Important: The form format that we use delivers laser-targeted prospects.

It outlines the exact investment required, gauges their interest level and provides vital insights as to where they are at in regards to business at this moment in time.

You can see this in action here:

The Offer Itself. Your offer has to be one of genuine quality. In our own case, we literally do provide a complete ‘Business in a Box’ that includes quality materials and systems to help a consultant, coach or marketer to generate leads, it also:

  • Accurately identifies what their potential client needs in regards to marketing
  • Positions them as the expert of choice in their chosen niche [because nobody seeks out the wise man or woman at the bottom of the mountain].
  • Converts prospects into a high-ticket clients and…
  • Provides a range of top-quality ‘done-for-you’ services that you can provide as part of your service to them.

HINT: Our team does the work, [Websites, Copywriting, Videos, Graphics etc] you simply provide the brief and add your markup.

But we don’t leave it there.

4. Ongoing Training. At the time of writing, we have just added a substantial lead generation course that our buyers can use as a point of contact with new prospects.

HINT: Imagine how impressed YOU would feel if a potential coach, consultant or marketer gave you one of the most cutting-edge lead generation courses you had ever seen as a gift the very first time they made contact with you.

Not only do we give our buyers an immediate collection of exceptional quality training materials, we add to this each month.

5. Traffic. No matter what you sell, you need targeted traffic. High-ticket offers are no exception to this. In our own case, we are very active in a few Facebook groups that we have started.

You could say that we have facilitated community and become one of the places where our target market hangs out online.

We have a strong emphasis on giving people top-quality information on a daily basis.

Does it take time and effort? Definitely!

But it also pays serious dividends.

In fact, over 12,000 serial entrepreneurs and business owners have joined just a handful of groups we run [with hundreds more applying each month].

6. JV Partners. We have a handful of committed JV Partners who have agreed to promote our package.

We are 100% committed to helping these good people get the message out and  of course they will be generously rewarded each time they refer a sale to us.

7. Walking the Talk. We are using the exact same ‘Business in a Box’ tools and systems in our own day to day business.

In other words, we are living proof that our package works.

Coming Soon: In part 2 we will look at you can help people who buy your high-ticket products and services to see a return on investment.

In the meantime, here is the link to our video:

7 Things to Remember When People Ask for Reduced Prices

7 Things to Remember When People Ask for Reduced Prices


So I am on a call last night with what turned out to be a ‘Committee’

And… [Lets not even go there].

LESSON ONE: Don’t do business with a committee – just don’t.

Anyway, one of them said: “We need marketing NOT lead generation…” [They want to get folk interested in buying into their biz op] Sigh 🙁

SIDEBAR: See why you should NEVER bother speaking to a committee?

Then another asked if I would “Work at cost now and we’ll pay you DOUBLE later?”

SIDEBAR: See why you should NEVER bother speaking to a committee?

I suggested he:

Go to a local supermarket, fill up his trolley with $300 worth of food and then ask the individual at the checkout:

“Can I please buy this food at the supermarket’s ‘cost price’ and IF I like it, I’ll come back in a few weeks from now and pay you the rest of the price with a bonus?”

LESSON TWO: Committees are often run by people who wouldn’t know if their bum was on fire!

LESSON THREE: See the graphic. Let it really sink in. It is THEIR issue NOT yours!

LESSON FOUR: Don’t be needy. I messaged the head of the ‘Committee’ on Skype:

“I don’t need you. You need me [or we wouldn’t be speaking to begin with]. And so I think I’ll pass on working with you. Thanks have a good life”

SIDEBAR: I suspect they seriously are ‘Faking’ it till they make it.

LESSON FIVE: Not everyone can afford to hire you. Not everyone is a good match. You need to accept this fact. Embrace it. Be truly thankful for it.

LESSON SIX: Learn to politely say: “No Thanks” and just walk away.

LESSON SEVEN: Know what you are worth and stick to it. Look at the graphic again.

Trust me, the right people will pay your fees.

Those who won’t, you simply should not be working with.

It really IS that simple.

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