About Chris

About Chris

G’Day and Welcome to My Blog

I’m steadily  adding content but in the meantime, you should definitely check out our new Facebook Group and see why almost 10,000 [and growing] business owners and serial entrepreneurs are raving about it.

As for me, I have been full-time online now for 17 years this next December. Made every mistake in the book – but learned a lot along the way.

I am a Copywriter and Marketing Coach. I am an Australian.

From Chris:

I believe we should LOVE People and USE Things and NEVER the other way around.

And if you want to give me your 3 biggest, hardest challenges in regards to marketing your business and get them solved in just 90 minutes, CONTACT ME TODAY


One thought on “About Chris

  1. Hello Chris,

    Im hoping Ive found the right Chris Bloor. I have an old ebook I bought from you YEARS ago, called Words That Make Money (words that lose money) and I was wondering if your are the same Chris Bloor. Im guessing you are because your content seems to be the same.

    It is great, packed full of do’s and dont’s. I have it all marked up with notes everytime I review it. Its not what you describe, its how you describe it. Really great content.

    I only have a hard copy of this, and was wanting the electronic version again. My computer crashed, and I re-installed the operating system, loosing much.

    I dont know if I have proof of purchase, but its been years.

    Are you the same, and is it possible to get another copy of it please?

    Thank you Chris.

    David Reynolds

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