Why Mr. Spock Would Hate Your Marketing

Why Mr. Spock Would Hate Your Marketing

Mr Spock Hate Marketing

The Problem of Piffle-Waffle…

I love the way Mr Spock in Star Trek used to get straight to the point. He didn’t beat around the bush.

And if he saw your marketing – he would not pull any punches. If it sucked – he would tell you so.

“I saw your website and even watched your webinar but it was unadulterated ‘Piffle-Waffle’ and now I don’t know any more now than I did before!”

Stop and take a look at your marketing materials for a moment…

Because there is an insidious disease running rampant in the business community and according to the latest reports, it is steadily killing tens of thousands of businesses.

Don’t worry.

  • It ISN’T fatal.
  • It can be cured.
  • But You MUST act fast!

In fact it is probably nothing that a decent Copywriter, Business Coach or Marketing Consultant cannot fix.

Expert business doctors have given this disease a name: “Way-Too-Boring-Itus”


– – People finding the prospect of ‘watching paint dry’ far more interesting than your videos. [Yikes!]

– – Read hot buyers suddenly being ‘snap frozen’ the moment they read your copy. [Ouch!]

– – JV partners taking one look at your offers only to run, screaming from your presence with a morbid look of abject terror on their faces – as if a horde of blood-thirsty , flesh-eating ‘Zombies’ were in hot pursuit! [Crikey!]

– – Your bank balance turning decidedly red [Stone the crows!]

Five Symptoms That Say YOU Might Have This Disease:

1. You wouldn’t know if your bottom was on fire [and you start taking marketing advice from gormless, mouth-breathing, armchair experts.

2. You actually believe ‘Because you have a website, they will come’ [Trust me, they won’t].

3. You think ‘barely breaking even’ is acceptable. [It ISN’T]

4. You are content to just ‘drift along’ thinking you can do nothing and things will just magically ‘get better’ all by themselves. They wont.

5. You think it is ‘expensive’ to get expert help [as if the status quo isn’t].

How to Get Cured Today…

1. Read Noah St Johns The Book of Afformations.

2. Fill in the form below this article and let me help you today:

3. Be willing to implement stuff and ‘do what you need to’ in order to see things change. [Because NOTHING is going to happen until YOU implement stuff].

WARNING: Ignore this and ” Way-Too-Boring-Itus” can kill your business, steal your dreams and consign you to a life of piffle-waffle [where you live out every moment in monotonous-meanderings of mundane mediocrity].

Fix things now – today! while you still can…

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