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Lead Generation Made Easy

Lead Generation Made Easy

lead generation made easySimple Lead Boxes are one of the most powerful tools ever created for attracting laser-targeted clients to your business.

Hare Are 8 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Them:

1. They Work Week-in – Week-Out to Grow Your Business.

They don’t call in sick

They never ask for a pay-rise

They operate as a system [they work so you don’t have to]

You can use them to mine online gold with an offline shovel

2. They Are Very Versatile.

You can use them to get leads for almost any kind of business.

  • Accountants
  • Air-conditioning
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Health and Fitness
  • Home Business
  • Network Marketing
  • Seminars
  • Weight Loss
  • Roof Restoration
  • Double Glazing
  • Courses
  • Membership Websites
  • B2B Services
  • B2C Services
  • Web Design

The list is virtually endless!

3. They Are Very Low Maintenance.

Checking each week – replacing pens and Entry Forms – too easy!

4. If They Are ‘Done Correctly’ They Hand You Amazing Information.

THINK: Place a few tick boxes on the order form:

I am also interested in: [Copywriting, Video Marketing, Social Media etc.]

5. Easy to Get Placed and You Only Need a Few to See Great Results!

I have personally NEVER had to use more than eight boxes. In fact, I have even had to go and remove few because I was getting too many responses at once.

6. Your Offer and Image is 100% Vital.

You need to make it something amazing!

Think: “What does my target market want above anything else?” And give that as your prize!


Because you will have a bucketload of others who give you their details who want the exact same thing!

7. Your Skype or Phone Script Needs to Be Spot On.

You MUST understand the process of the sale!

You MUST know what to say and how to say it.

[Hire me if unsure 🙂 seriously!]

8. Have an AMAZING Offer for Your Second Prize

Give every single person who didn’t win the main prize something utterly amazing.

If it were me, I would offer free membership to a paid website.

I would also offer a quick consult at no cost.

Lead Boxes!

I love them!

NOTE: Where and How to get them placed is reserved for ‘Clients-Only’ and is the best part of all [Very easy when you know what to say]

Need help? Speak to me!!

Are You Asking Clients Out on the Date From Hell

Are You Asking Clients Out on the Date From Hell

lead generation ideasImagine for a moment that a guy asks a girl out on a date and the conversation goes something like this…

Him: I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me this Saturday night?

Her: Sure, what do you have in mind?

Him: Well I normally cut my toenails on the first Saturday of the month and I wondered if you could give me a hand with that? And then afterwards, I always pick up the dog poop from the back yard [I have 4 dogs – really vicious Pit Bulls and you just cannot imagine the HUGE pile of poop they deposit in a week]

Her: Ummmm actually I just remembered that I am moving to live in Australia [READ: To get as far away from you as I possibly can!] this weekend. So if it is okay, ask me again in about 10,000 years!

Think that is funny?

Have you seen your marketing recently?

Now lets Imagine something totally different:

Him: I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me this Saturday night?

Her: Sure, what do you have in mind?

Him: Well I know you absolutely love Michael Bublé music and I managed to get free tickets to his concert and an invite to have dinner with him after the show!

In fact, I know your Mom and sisters all love his music, so I got tickets for them too!

Her: Wow! That would be TOTALLY awesome! Yes please!

THE LESSON: When your offers remind people of helping people cut their toenails or pick up half a ton of dog poop, they won’t buy your stuff!

Need Help Creating Killer Offers for YOUR Business?

Speak to me!

How to Start Treating Your Life Like it is a Real Life…

How to Start Treating Your Life Like it is a Real Life…

fakePerhaps one of the greatest disasters of our age is that hundreds of millions of people are content to live life with all its great potential with little or no purpose.

Instead they drift along content to live in mediocrity.


I spoke with a guy who owns a membership website that shows people how to move to live in S/E Asia.

He has thousands of paying members and yet when I asked him:

“How many of your members have taken the plunge and moved overseas?” he replied: “Less that 10% the rest just ‘live out their dream vicariously’ via my site”

And before you start to judge them, stop!

Because 90% of you reading these words are doing exactly the same thing to one degree or another.

Deep down you long to experience things like:

  • Love
  • Romance
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Prosperity
  • Spirituality
  • Hope
  • Freedom
  • Forgiveness
  • Hope
  • Adventure
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Time Freedom
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Destiny
  • Prosperity

But instead of doing what needs to be done, you ‘live out your dreams vicariously’ by watching some reality TV show or movie you try to find it in a bottle or at the end of a joint.

And in the meantime as John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens while you are making plans”

I think ours is a generation that has totally forgotten that life is NOW.

Not tomorrow.

Life is Now! Today!

So, Here’s a Question:

= = >Are you treating your life like it is a real life?<= =

For example, imagine for a moment that you were unjustly sentenced to a life in prison, you you would dream of freedom on the outside, wouldn’t you?

And I’ll bet if you had the chance to escape, you would do absolutely anything to get free.

Well guess what?

= = That job that is draining the very life out of you…

= = That abusive relationship with someone who treats you like dirt…

= = The unfit, overweight, angry, indecisive [Insert YOUR adjective here] individual you see looking back at you in the mirror, who refuses to take responsibility for his or her life…

Is in prison!

YOU are in prison.

But you do have a choice: you can keep living your dream through ‘others’ or you can escape today!


You need to start living your life like it is a real life!

If you just make that one quality decision, EVERYTHING will start to change.

  • You won’t just dream – you will act.
  • You won’t just wish you weighed less – you will start eating differently and exercising
  • You won’t just wish you were treated better, you will establish boundaries and cut people out of your life who ignore them and walk right over you.
  • You will start to live in the now.
  • You will start to ask better questions.
  • You will start to implement.
  • You will practice gratitude
  • And if you own a business, or are in a relationship you will STOP making excuses!
  • You will address the issues that need fixing.

And when you do, you will look back on yourself a few months from now and you will think: “Thank God I started treating my life like it was a real life!”

SIDEBAR: Thanks to my good mate, Bob Buckley​ for a comment on an earlier post that inspired me to share this today.

Now – what are 2 or 3 things YOU can start doing, acknowledging, accepting, refusing or addressing today – so that you can look back at the man or woman in the mirror and start liking what you see?

Donald Trump Attacks Caroline Kennedy

Donald Trump Attacks Caroline Kennedy

Donald Trump is back in another day of hurling insults, yet bafflingly, the billionaire businessman continues to lead the GOP pack.

From likening Mexican immigrants to “rapists” and calling John McCain a “dummy” and dubbing Karl Rove as “a total loser,” Trump continues to broadcast his opinion on everything and everyone and has no problems courting controversy.

The latest in his firing line is Caroline Kennedy, who he attacked in a cover story for the latest issue of The Economist.

Of her role as ambassador to Japan, Trump said of the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy: “Who is our chief negotiator (in Japan)? Essentially it is Caroline Kennedy. I mean give me a break. She doesn’t even know she’s alive.”


Kennedy is not the first woman to feel the wrath of his tongue. One of the most famous to date was the war of words with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who he accused of having “blood coming out of her wherever” after she questioned him during a GOP primary debate. Those two have onlyjust settled their beef with one another.

The 69-year-old’s remark about Kennedy, however, has drawn criticism from Marcy Stech, spokeswoman for EMILY’s List, a Democratic political action committee.

“Donald Trump has disqualified himself as someone who respects women,” she said. “Trump’s misogynistic slurs are met with blank stares and shoulder shrugs from his fellow GOP hopefuls — that’s because Trump’s outrageous and offensive rhetoric is reflected in the policies embraced by the entire Republican field.”

But will any of Trump’s comments that pertain to women have any impact upon his race for the White House?

Chris-Bloor-BlogChris Bloor, one of Australia’s Leading Direct Response Marketing Experts, believes so.

“Everything Trump says generates attention. He’s an amazing marketer and knows how to grab headlines, but it’s for all the wrong reasons.”

Bloor, regarded as one of the very best ‘Emotional Direct- Response Copywriters’ in the English-speaking world, adds: “No one really takes what he says seriously and it’s pretty obvious to all, that he is totally ignorant to the issues that a presidential hopeful really needs to address.

He may be leading in the polls but when decision time comes, America will use their smarts and opt for someone who can lead them to prosperity, not someone who just wants the job for their own egotistical purposes.”

Currently, a NBC News/Marist poll puts the Trump 16 percentage points ahead of his closest competitor, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and has 28 percent of likely Republican voters backing him.

So will he get the backing of America, especially women voters? Only time will tell.

7 Things to Remember When People Ask for Reduced Prices

7 Things to Remember When People Ask for Reduced Prices


So I am on a call last night with what turned out to be a ‘Committee’

And… [Lets not even go there].

LESSON ONE: Don’t do business with a committee – just don’t.

Anyway, one of them said: “We need marketing NOT lead generation…” [They want to get folk interested in buying into their biz op] Sigh 🙁

SIDEBAR: See why you should NEVER bother speaking to a committee?

Then another asked if I would “Work at cost now and we’ll pay you DOUBLE later?”

SIDEBAR: See why you should NEVER bother speaking to a committee?

I suggested he:

Go to a local supermarket, fill up his trolley with $300 worth of food and then ask the individual at the checkout:

“Can I please buy this food at the supermarket’s ‘cost price’ and IF I like it, I’ll come back in a few weeks from now and pay you the rest of the price with a bonus?”

LESSON TWO: Committees are often run by people who wouldn’t know if their bum was on fire!

LESSON THREE: See the graphic. Let it really sink in. It is THEIR issue NOT yours!

LESSON FOUR: Don’t be needy. I messaged the head of the ‘Committee’ on Skype:

“I don’t need you. You need me [or we wouldn’t be speaking to begin with]. And so I think I’ll pass on working with you. Thanks have a good life”

SIDEBAR: I suspect they seriously are ‘Faking’ it till they make it.

LESSON FIVE: Not everyone can afford to hire you. Not everyone is a good match. You need to accept this fact. Embrace it. Be truly thankful for it.

LESSON SIX: Learn to politely say: “No Thanks” and just walk away.

LESSON SEVEN: Know what you are worth and stick to it. Look at the graphic again.

Trust me, the right people will pay your fees.

Those who won’t, you simply should not be working with.

It really IS that simple.

Why Your Marketing ISN’T Working

Why Your Marketing ISN’T Working


Are You ‘Playing the Lottery’ When it Comes to Your Marketing? 

FACT: An effective sales funnel depends ENTIRELY on your ‘MWR’ [Most Wanted Response].

This is exactly where 99.9% of people stumble.

They treat marketing exactly the same way as buying a ‘scratch and match’ ticket.

They don’t have a clue if what they are doing is going to be a winner.

They just ‘hope’ like crazy it will work.

For example: When I walk people through our marketing audit and ask them:

“What is your most wanted response from this website?

They give me a TOTALLY blank look as if I had just asked them to solve a VERY complicated equation in Chinese Algebra, standing  on their head, while balancing a very hyper-active monkey on their ear, drinking a glass of milk and yodeling ‘God Save the Queen’ backwards!

MOST folk don’t even know ‘why’ they built there site to begin with, most marketers [and sad to say most copywriters] never bother to even ask.

EXAMPLE: When people visit your website, do you want them to:

– – Pick up the phone and call you?
– – Download your free report?
– – Buy something?
– – Watch a video?
– – Book a seat in your next webinar?
– – Subscribe to your ezine?
– – Join in a conversation?
– – Join your Facebook group?
– – Get Educated?
– – Join your membership site?
– – See, hear or watch proof of satisfied clients?
– – Accept you as the experts and people of choice in your niche?
– – Fill in a survey?
– – Take a Quiz?
– – Talk to you on Skype?
– – Download your app?
– – Find good information and start to know, like and trust you?
– – Ask a question?
– – Request a free or paid consult?

And… VERY Important: What emotions do you want them to feel?

NOTE: There are 270 emotions that make money! [I know I literally wrote the report]

I could go on and on but unless people know their MWR the sales funnel will always struggle.

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