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Lead Generation for Serious Business

Lead Generation for Serious Business

7 Tips for Better Lead Generation

If You Seriously Want to Grow Your Business… [part 1]

I have been giving some of my time away on Facebook to help folk fix their #1 Marketing Problem and it has become very obvious that many people are just not living in reality.

In fact, MOST people don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to what constitutes effective marketing.

Either that or they have been smoking some very strange stuff!

Here are 7 things that you MUST get right if you want to succeed in business.
1. You MUST Get the Copywriting Sorted!
Sorry but you are NEVER going to make it with copy that sends prospects to sleep. If your sales copy doesn’t reach off the page and grab your readers by the throat – you are sunk.
NOTE: The bottom line is that not even the best Copywriters hit a home run every time but almost 99.9% of the folk who try to write their own copy do a terrible job.
2. You MUST Have a Sales Funnel!
As a Business Consultant, I like to use Lead Generating Reports and Skype. And of course, Facebook is a powerful source of quality leads IF it is dome right.
3. You MUST Advertise!
Think of your advertising in terms of planting seeds for a future harvest.
No seed = no harvest.
Little seed = little harvest.
Some places to plant seed are:
Google AdWords
Facebook Ads
YouTube Ads
Twitter Ads
Direct Mail
And it is important that you plant good seed in good ground.
THINK: Message to market match!
NOTE: I personally would not invest in SEO as no matter what you do, all it takes is for Google to change their algorithms and all your hard-wond gains are down the toilet overnight.
4. You MUST Split Test! [See below for proof of 12 x more sales!]
It always amazes me when business owners tell me they ‘never’ split test their marketing and advertising and yet wonder why they constantly struggle.
Split-testing is a fantastic way to ‘inexpensively’ prove the power of a winning headline.

NOTE: Please note that I did NOT just say split-testing was cheap. But it definitely is a heck of a lot cheaper than just wishing and hoping.

One marketer discovered the value of testing by trying 4 different headlines for a diet product, over a 3-month period.

The sales material remained identical. Only the headline was different in each case.
The Headlines Were As Follows:
1. “Breakthrough New Diet Product!”
2. “A New Diet Revolution!”
3. “How A “Texas Housewife” Lost 23.5 Pounds In 32 Days!”
4. “Dieting Secrets Of A Desperate Housewife!”

STOP! Can you guess which headline did best?

I will tell you in a moment but just take a moment and ask yourself which one you think was the winning headline…

Every individual response was carefully tracked and recorded.

The actual documented results may surprise you.

Total sales were 165 units over this testing period.

Here’s a breakdown of the results each specific headline produced:
1. 13 Sales (8% of total sales)
2. 8 Sales (5% of total sales)
3. 98 Sales (59% of total sales)
4. 46 Sales (28% of total sales)

As you can see, the most successful headline produced nearly TWELVE times the number of sales of the least responsive headline!

NOTICE The winning headline tapped into the power of specifics.

But no matter how you look at it, that’s a huge variation.

What a discovery to find early on in the marketing process!

This is the kind of information that can help you make a fortune as a marketer!
The key in this case, was the headline and the ability to determine the most effective appeal to use.
That’s the value of testing. Use it and it can help you find a winner, too.

[Point 4 Adapted From: “Great Headlines Instantly” 202 page course – Available FREE for My Clients]
5. You MUST Have Winning Offers!
One of the cardinal rules of business success is to ‘Sell Stuff people Want to Buy’
Yet when I ask folk: “Why should anyone want to buy what you have to offer?”
The vast majority just don’t have a clue!
Seriously, is it any wonder then, that they struggle to make sales?
Try This:
6. You MUST Get Expert Help!
One of the things I love more than anything else in the world as it relates to marketing is sitting down with a business owner, asking a few questions and then seeing their solution.

Someone asked me one time why I thought I could do that so easily?

“It’s easy.” I Replied. “I am not emotionally involved like they are and it is my job to spot marketing problems, blind spots, opportunities and solutions.”

IMPORTANT: I wish there was some way to reach through your screen right now and shake you where this point is concerned! Why? Because for most folk, the right coach or consultant can show you how to stop your pain and frustration when it comes to marketing.
And seriously, what is that worth? [HINT: Absolutely Priceless!]
7. You MUST Follow Up!
There are a variety of ways to follow up.
Direct Mail
And each has its specific place.

The bottom line is this: Unless you are doing follow up, you are leaving a fortune on the table.
This is another area where expert help is invaluable – the right systems can place a lot of this on hands-free autopilot!

NOTE: I hope this has helped you?

Let me know if you would like to secure your 15 minutes on Skype [No cost and no sales pitch] – you give me your single biggest marketing problem, I hand you a solid solution.
[Continued in Part Two]

Why You Need a Copywriter

Why You Need a Copywriter

Powerful Copywriting from 1952So You Still Think You Don’t Need a Copywriter?

Then Take a Closer Look At The Copywriting in this  Powerful Display Advert from  1952

As a Copywriter, I absolutely LOVE this display ad from 62 years ago…


1. A Powerful, Benefits-Rich Headline.

2. Emotional Direct Response [Not only will your hair shine, this gets hair so clean, you will actually ‘Feel’ the difference!]

3. Visual Proof! The ad shows how easy it is to use.

4. Body copy is about as perfect as you could wish for. [Billows out like whipped cream!]

5. Saves You Money! Highlights the fact that it is not only amazing but also economical.

6. MORE Proof! Image shows the end result [beautiful hair]

7. Stops Dandruff!

8. Not Just Okay But ‘WONDERFUL’ for the Whole Family!

9. More Quality Ingredient Than Any ‘Ordinary’ Shampoo! [Notice the competition is ‘ordinary’ compared to this product].

I could go on and on – there are numerous other benefits in this ad.

But I am sure you see the point?

There are still basically only 2 kinds of advertising and marketing in the world:

1. Creative – where people ‘experiment’ with your money.

2. Direct Response Marketing – Where people follow time-proven, battle-tested principles that have been shown to work time after time.

When I see this kind of advert, I am so happy to be an Emotional Direct Response Copywriter!

None of us are the ‘creators’ of this stuff – we are just the custodians of it.

Conclusion: If YOUR marketing is dry, dingy, dead or boring, take me up on my unique Lead Generation Offer

The Most Important Marketing Question in the World

The Most Important Marketing Question in the World

The Business Unleashed Podcast
The Business Unleashed Podcast

I was honored to be interviewed on the Business Unleashed Podcast  with Chris Green recently.

The subject was: The Most Important Marketing Question in the World [and how to answer it…]

Here is the link: Listen Now

There is no pitch – just a stack of ready-to-use ideas.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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