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Online vs offline marketing – which is best?

Online vs offline marketing – which is best?

Since ancient times when mankind first discovered that you could make money on the internet, the battle has raged as to whether it’s better to do your marketing online or offline. After all, email is free to send, right? Google or FaceBook can send you thousands of prospects a day at no cost. And people are so much more used to doing stuff on the internet, gathering information, buying products, even looking for local services.

Yeah, I know, you’re already thinking “Do Both”…but should you?

I recently sent a mailing to local businesses in my city offering a free report, aiming to get copywriting clients. Got the list, slapped up a 2 page sales letter, stuck their newspaper ad at the top and let fly. From a tiny list of just over 100, got 4 responses, and the marketing funnel is swinging into action. Those of you who have been around for a while will realize that’s a good result, for a blind mailing.

If I’d sent them all an email, you think I might have had a spam complaint or two? Probably. But even from the interested parties, I wouldn’t expect much of a response from 100 names. In fact, I never prospect via email, not just because of spam laws, but because of the positioning and the clutter.

The positioning aspect is a valuable lesson. Any bozo can sit down and send out an email. But if you’re prepared to invest in postage, paper and ink, time and effort, it really stands out. This leads right into the other aspect…

There Is Far Less Clutter In The Mailbox Outside Their House

Sure, there’s the odd mailer from an insurance company, the local real estate folks, various catalogs, etc. But there is hardly anything worth mentioning here, let alone proper direct response pieces.

It’s true that people sort their mail over the bin. But where I live, it only takes a minute to dump the catalogs, minus the one I might have a quick look at later. Bills, go in a pile to open later. Personal mail? Never get any. I get emails and FaceBook messages and phone calls from family and friends.

So If I Get A Personal-Looking Letter…It Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb

Online, well, everybody and their dog is online. And believe me, if they’re on your email list, they’re on everyone else’s list as well. A sales letter in the hand is worth two in the bush (the internet) and they’re much more likely to at least flick through it, if the headline doesn’t immediately get them reading. On a web page, if the headline doesn’t work it’s magic, they won’t even scroll down to see how much it is.

The Best Direct Mail Piece I Ever Saw

A few months back I got a letter from a well known charity. It was unstamped, unaddressed, just looked like an envelope some kid had grabbed and written a note on the back. I still haven’t figured out how they got that font to look so much like a child’s pencil handwriting. Inside was a letter asking for a donation. But the envelope is one of my favorite swipe file pieces. I am going to swipe that one for sure.

But I’ve always found it difficult to get on to offline mailing lists. The problem is persistence – most companies, big or small, have all the stamina of an 89 year old arthritis patient, when it comes to mailings. Even some people who start out with really good direct response mailings eventually give up the ghost.

Of course most mailings companies do are just a crappy flyer or brochure, they’re looking to save costs. What they don’t know and probably never will is that direct mail can give you a huge bang for your buck.

See, I love to get things in my hands, sit down and read them. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I find this much more comfy than reading something on a computer screen. If I wasn’t addicted to the delete key due to typing faster than I should, I would be writing this on a good old fashioned typewriter. Seriously.

I Have The Answer To The Offline Vs Online Argument

It’s a 2 part answer. Firstly, assuming you realize you should be using ALL media to get customers, not just one or two, try integrating both medias. To generate leads, send out a postcard, driving people to register online for a webinar. This works. Put your URL in your display ads, sales letters, business cards, on coffee cups, on bumper stickers, everywhere.

You can also coax your online leads into the offline world. I haven’t found a consistently effective way to get online visitors to call a toll free number, but from your existing list, offer them some free gift if they will give you their offline details. Instead of uploading a video, offer to send it to their home or office for free. If they spend any kind of decent money with you, send them a welcome pack or gift in the mail. How many websites do that?

I would walk naked over hot coals wearing a beard of bees for a good offline lead. Come to think of it, it’s time to create another mailing for my offline list. See ya next time.

me copyBrian Cassingena is Australia’s #1 Copywriting Strategy Expert, direct response copywriter and digital nomad. He runs Cassingena Copy, the 14 Day eBook Factory and other businesses while traveling the world.

8 Reasons Why Your Marketing ISN’T Working

8 Reasons Why Your Marketing ISN’T Working

Secrets to Fixing Your Marketing...
Secrets to Fixing Your Marketing…

If you are anything like most business coaches then you are probably pretty good at WHAT you do…

You can sit down with a client, look at his or her problems and quickly have a solution.

  • In fact, many times, you are sat with them thinking to yourself: “Why on earth can’t you see the solution? It’s so obvious!”

    And then you simply give them the answer. Because that’s what you do. That is why they hired you in the first place.

But when it comes to your own business…more often that not, it’s a totally different ball-game.

It isn’t ‘what’ you do that gives you problems. It is MARKETING what you do…  that leaves you feeling all frazzled and frustrated!

There Are Eight Reasons Why This is The Case:

  1. Your Face is Too Close to the Football to See the Game Plan.
    But don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Truth be told, just about every business coach I have ever met is in exactly the same boat.

    This is why you as the coach need to ‘practice what you preach’ and take some ‘time out’ for serious reflection as to where your business is right now and where it is heading down the line.

  2. Your Marketing SUCKS! Sorry if that offends you. But if it did work then you probably wouldn’t be sat, standing or laying down reading this article to begin with 🙂 and just as you as a coach have no problems in pointing out to your clients:

    “Bob and Mary you simply have to fix this or that area of your business in order to move forward…”

    Well guess what? the exact same thing is true when it comes to YOUR coaching practice!

    If something is broken, then you simply have to fix it.

  3. You Don’t Have a Lead Generating Report. Or if you do, then it either reads like chloroform in print, the cover looks like a 10 year old designed it and the content is so boring that it wouldn’t persuade your own mother to buy you a sandwich if you were at the point of starvation!

    TRUE STATEMENT: I know from my own personal experience [and from that of thousands of  clients around the world] that lead generating reports, ‘done correctly’ worked absolute wonders!

    They can ‘position’ you as the ‘expert’ and ‘coach of choice’ in your niche.

    They can help attract laser targeted prospects, build your list on complete autopilot, tell your sales story in a non-threatening manner, and do 90% of the job of selling for you!

    SIDEBAR: if you would like a Lead Generating Report for your business, please feel free to reach out to me.

  4. You Lack Systems. Systems for positioning yourself…marketing yourself… reaching the right people and convincing them ‘Beyond any shadow of doubt’ that  YOU are definitely coach they should be speaking to and working with.

    Positioning is so essential! Because nobody seeks out the ‘wise man or woman’ at the bottom of the mountain!

  5. You Are Using Social Media in the Wrong Way. A little over year and a half ago, I started a couple of Facebook groups and did the exact opposite of what I saw others doing. The result has been but we now have over 12,000 ‘serial’ entrepreneurs and business owners in our groups.

    So please don’t tell me:

    “Oh I tried that social media stuff… but it doesn’t work for my business”

    Because I promise you that  ‘done correctly’ social media can hand you a constant supply of ready-to-buy clients on a silver platter.

  6. You’re Not Using Checklists in Your Marketing. You would be utterly amazed at the power of a decent checklist when it comes to growing your business coaching practice.

    SIDEBAR: I recently created The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for my own business coaching clients to use in their lead generation. It is just one off and number of ‘deadly effective’ tools, templates and systems they enjoy access to.

  7. You’re Not Using Video Marketing Correctly. In my own case, I have found video to be one of the most effective tools anyone could even wish for. Especially when it comes to initially introducing yourself to a prospective client and then the following up on them.

    This is because, video has the power to ‘convey emotion’ and ‘touch people’ on deeper levels then almost any other marketing medium.

    NOTE: I am biased but we have clients attracting THOUSANDS of members each month using video.

  8. You Are Not Using Twitter Correctly. HINT: it is not about the Tweets. And it has nothing to do with having massive number of followers on Twitter.

    It has everything to do with the way that you reach out to the connections and followers that you do have.

    Your business coaching practice really can attract a constant supply of the right kind of clients. If you want to know how, please message me here or:Add me on Skype: thechrisbloor

Thanks for taking time out to read this article. It would be a pleasure to help you see the results you deserve in your life and business.

Unique Blueprint Helps You Attract ‘Quality’ Business Coaching Clients…

Unique Blueprint Helps You Attract ‘Quality’ Business Coaching Clients…

Unique Marketing Systems for Business CoachesHEY YOU!!

This is the little voice in the back of your head talking…

Stop what you’re doing right now and listen to me.

I want to tell you something very important that deep down you already know but keep dismissing.

Admit it; finding top-quality ‘coaching clients’ is difficult, right?

It’s the thing you hate about coaching isn’t it?

I know because I keep hearing you say stuff like:

  • “Why doesn’t everyone see that they need a coach?”
  • “Why is it so hard to get them to understand?”
  • “If ONLY there was a way I could have them seek me out”.

What would it be worth to you if there were?

What would it mean to your business if you had a constant string of people calling you asking for your help?

Imagine that for a moment; having a sure fire method that simply delivered qualified prospects to your door as often as you needed them.

That method exists and it’s been put together by a collection of the world’s top marketers, social media experts, advertising agents and copywriters.

It combines everything they know about lead generation and client process in one easy to use package that even has a series of proven lead generation systems that you can use to attract your ideal prospects.

I know you’re both passionate and serious about what you do so I’m going to tell you where you can find out about this.

Go to this website now…

Product Names That Sell

Product Names That Sell

Heads up people, if you’re looking to name a business, product or service this week, eyes forward, ears open, and pay attention.

The name of your business, product or service can make or break your business.

If you’ve come from a ‘traditional’ business background, if you have an MBA or something, if you work for an ad agency, or if you’re just starting out and you only have TV ads to look to for examples of advertising, then you may well be filled with some very unprofitable ideas about product names.

Try watching an hour of TV.

The number of good product names will be very low, unless you’re watching late night infomercials. Everyone seems to love to come up with cute or clever names, names which have little or nothing to do with the product or the benefit it provides. Many of them are even downright bad for business.

I remember driving back when I still lived in Australia, and I went past a sign for a removalist firm, which said “U Help Removals”…I immediately pictured myself lugging heavy furniture up a ramp into a moving van while the moving guys stood around watching. If I feel like a spot of hard labor I’ll go to the gym or something. This is not the image this company should be putting into people’s minds. Almost any name in the world would be better.

The world of Direct Marketing I live in has come up with some very good product names. An eBay marketing package I used to sell was called the ‘eBay SuperSeller’ package. This was of course ‘swiped’ from eBay’s own ‘Powerseller’ program which recognises reputable sellers. I still use the name for my eBay marketing book which is still on Amazon. I also wrote “The Mother Of All Marketing Systems”, a 600-odd page book which I later broke up into 3 volumes…the name just sounds big, you know?

I guarantee you can improve your business substantially by changing to a better business name, product name, service name, the idea is to never miss the chance to be a marketer. The name is there anyway, why not make it earn it’s keep?

When I (ironically) owned a hair salon many years ago, one of the few slight positives about it when I first acquired it was the name “Supercuts”. This is one of the precious few genuine benefits of owning a franchise, you get to take advantage of all the money splurged on the ‘branding’ by the franchisor. Also, Supercuts isn’t too bad a name, although most of my clients could do much better with a little thought. How about “Perfect Cuts” or “Perfect Cuts Guaranteed” or “Perfect Hair Guaranteed”?

Why do people think a name MUST state a FEATURE of the business, product or service? “Cuts” is a feature of the business. “Perfect Hair” is a BENEFIT. And benefits always outsell features by a long way. I must admit, I’m sitting here struggling to come up with a half-decent business or product name I’ve seen in my local area or on TV. (Though “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” is a good one). Even many infomercials now are adopting this ‘cute/clever’ naming strategy which must have been thought up by a bunch of guys in suits, with ponytails, sitting in a room with funny-smelling smoke in the air.

Seems the farther away they get from the actual product or what it does, let alone it’s benefits, the better. Although if YOU, as a small business owner, adopt this same strategy, it’ll cost you sales and profits. Big time.

me copyBrian Cassingena is Australia’s #1 Copywriting Strategy Expert, direct response copywriter and digital nomad. He runs Cassingena Copy, the 14 Day eBook Factory and other businesses while traveling the world.

Which is a Better Lead Magnet: a Free Report or Free Video?

Which is a Better Lead Magnet: a Free Report or Free Video?

FaceBook is the land of mis-information – and unless you’re in Chris’s Marketing Secrets FaceBook group, you can’t be sure that what you’re reading has any bearing on real life at all. There is some good stuff amongst all the propaganda and hidden agendas, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

I saw an interesting post in someone else’s group, talking about Free Reports vs Videos as lead magnets, free stuff to get people to opt in to your mailing list. And it wasn’t a question, it wasn’t market research on what the members use, it was a statement.

And that’s fine, all ‘guru’ marketing is done this way, right?

So the guru in question was talking about how he or she no longer does free PDF reports anymore, they just put their info into a video and have that as the lead magnet. So the landing page promises a free video the prospect can watch in exchange for their email address.

And pretty soon the post generated some fairly heated conversation. Some members argued that making a 5 minute video was cutting corners compared to preparing a PDF report, other shouted Hallelujah and are probably rejigging their whole marketing funnel.

Who’s right and who’s wrong?

I can tell you right now – they’re both right!

Here’s a problem that you may have slowly realized is prevalent in the ‘guru’ business – all their advice is based on opinion. Or the flavor of the month. Or whatever cool technology has just come out that they want to be seen to be an ‘early adopter’ of.

At least that last point has some validity, the problem with listening to advice is that you have no way of knowing whether it’s based in fact or on opinion.

The best way around this? I’m afraid it’s the least popular answer of all. It’s the answer the gurus don’t want to give, because it reduces their power over you. (They think.) And it’s the only answer that gives you the power to finally be in control of your own destiny in business.

The answer is: test, test, test!

If you’re driving traffic to a landing page, don’t just switch over to another system just because someone told you to. Even if they are a ‘guru’. Test.

Drive half your traffic to a landing page offering a PDF report, and half to a page offering a video. Put the same info in each magnet, put the same benefits on each landing page, and that’s it. People will opt in for both. One will outperform the other. When you have a winner – refine it by testing other elements.

Next: Go a step further and don’t just measure each page’s optin rates – measure what happens after that. Perhaps one type of optin might go on to be a better customer, spend more, stay for longer than the other. You’ll never know if you never test.

There’s only one reason why you wouldn’t go and put this in place right now:


But it’s not a reason at all – it’s an excuse. The technology is one of the easiest obstacles to get around, even if you barely know how to switch on a computer. There are people out there on sites like that you can outsource all this stuff to at relatively cheap rates. You can even hire local high school students for many tasks if you prefer.

If you use WordPress, there are plugins available to make it easy for you to do it yourself. And I’m pretty sure CRMs like Infusionsoft can track all of this stuff as well, the only thing standing in your way is the belief, the opinion, that it’s all too hard.

It’s belief and opinion that causes people to go out and categorically state that one marketing method is better than another. Sure, a quick 5 minute video is easy to make and you can get that up in minutes. But, on the other hand, you can have an outsourcer put together a report in hours.

It’s such a small difference in reality, the video vs PDF debate. Whether you’re a ‘reader’ or you prefer videos, doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the numbers – how many people hand over their email address, and how many people become customers later on?

Don’t be convinced to change what you’re doing based on a FaceBook post, it’s just another bright shiny object. If you want to change, test different methods and compare the results without the influence of any guru opinions. Then, stop playing guru-follower and make the decisions that you need to make in order to grow your business. There are no short-cuts or magic tricks, just testing.

me copyBrian Cassingena is Australia’s #1 Copywriting Strategy Expert, direct response copywriter and digital nomad. He runs Cassingena Copy, the 14 Day eBook Factory and other businesses while traveling the world.

How to Get More Business Leads

How to Get More Business Leads

Piffle-WaffleIf Your Marketing Sucks – read this…

“I saw their website, watched their webinar but it was unadulterated ‘piffle-waffle’ and now I don’t know any more now than I did before!”

Stop and take a look at your marketing materials for a moment…

Because there is an insidious disease running rampant in the business community and according to the latest reports, it is steadily killing tens of thousands of businesses.

Don’t worry. It ISN’T fatal.

In fact it is nothing that a decent Copywriter, Business Coach or Marketing Consultant cannot fix.

Expert business doctors have given this disease a name:


Its symptoms include:

– – People finding the prospect of ‘watching paint dry’ far more interesting than your videos.

– – Read hot buyers suddenly being ‘snap frozen’ the moment they read your copy.

– – JV partners taking one look at your offers only to run, screaming from your presence with a morbid look of abject terror on their faces – as if a horde of blood-thirsty , flesh-eating ‘Zombies’ were in hot pursuit!

– – Your bank balance turning decidedly red frown emoticon

5. Symptoms You Might Have This Disease:

1. You wouldn’t know if your bottom was on fire [and you start taking marketing advice from gormless, mouth-breathing, armchair experts.

2. You actually believe ‘Because you have a website, they will come’

3. You think ‘barely breaking even’ is acceptable

4. You are content to just ‘drift along’ thinking you can do nothing and things will just magically ‘get better’ all by themselves. They wont.

5. You think it is ‘expensive’ to get expert help [as if the status quo isn’t].

How to Get Cured Today…

1. Read Noah St Johns The Book of Afformations.

2. Message me and share your #1 problem in marketing. I will hand you a solution. [cabloor @] NOTE: Be very serious.

3. Be willing to implement stuff and ‘do what you need to’ in order to see things change.

Ignore this and “Way-Too-BoringItus” can kill your business, steal your dreams and consign you to a life of piffle-waffle where you live out every moment in monotonous-meanderings of mundane mediocrity.

Fix things now – today! while you still can…


How to Attract More Leads

How to Attract More Leads

LeadGeneratingReporyOne of the most effective ways to generate leads for any business is to offer your prospects a simple ‘Lead Generating Report’

When you do this several things take place:

1. You immediately ‘position’ yourself as the experts and people of choice in your niche.

2. You attract laser targeted prospects.

3. You get to tell your unique sales story in a friendly, non-threatening manner.

4. You have a really valid reason for follow-up (and remember there is an absolute fortune in the follow-up).

5. You have created a system that works so that you don’t have to! And the beauty of having a system is that, unlike a human employee, a system will never:

  • Call in sick
  • Ask for a pay rise
  • Complain
  • Or leave you to go and work for a competitor

Simply put, having the right system in place is like owning an army of little money making ‘robots’ that  go out and deliver your sales message perfectly every single time.

Over the years, I have seen simple lead generating reports generate literally millions of dollars in combined sales for hundreds of different companies.

Best of all, the relatively inexpensive very easy to use and [this is a really good thing to bear in mind] people relate to them in a heartbeat.

So if you would like to have a lead generating report for your business, please reach out to me today I’d be more than happy to have a quick chat with you over Skype to discuss how are you can start seeing a constant supply of new Leeds with your new lead generating report.


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