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The Secret To Success Is In What You Say And How You Say It!

The Secret To Success Is In What You Say And How You Say It!

Whether your preferred marketing media is your website, emails, FaceBook page, newspaper ads or a podcast, chances are your sales copy needs work. And frankly it’s rare for me to find great copy, although some of the principles that have been taught for the last 30 or so years are finally starting to seep through the unwashed mass of image advertising and branding most small businesses seem to be in love with.

And good copy can make the difference between making serious money online, and having to look for a job to pay the bills. It’s that important.

Almost all sales copy I see sucks harder than a kid with a giant lollipop. Just tune in to any TV advertisement and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Every car commercial looks exactly the same – the manufacturers are all interchangeable, switch them around and nobody would notice.

But this is where too many small businesses look to find inspiration for their advertising. They seem to think that ‘looking professional’ will make them sales. Newsflash: it does not. Everyone looks ‘professional’. You have to be professional, that’s a given.  You have to do a good job, or your customers will find out quickly, and desert you in droves. This is not how your customer makes their decision on who to buy from.

They make their decision based on what’s in it for them – and the way you help them understand what’s in it for them is with good sales copy on your signage, on your business cards, on your packaging, everywhere.

The important part is the language you use.

I learned the importance of this in a handful of direct sales jobs when I was younger, telemarketing jobs, door-to-door sales, face to face, and I did this for a few years. When you’re in such an ‘us-vs-them’ scenario, and you say the wrong thing – the sale is lost. You can reel a few back in…if you’re really good…but by and large you need to watch your language.

I used to work for a Karate club back when I still lived in Australia, one of the largest clubs in the world who filled their dojos almost exclusively by knocking on doors and signing up new members. We used to do 2 rounds in an area – first we’d knock on doors, setting up appointments for that evening, then go back and do the appointments.

There was a script for the door knocking, and a script for the appointment presentations. It was all tested and proven over years of refinement and practice, and by the time I joined it was a well thought out system in use by people in every state.

And what you said during those presentations made all the difference between success and failure. For example, the word ‘presentation’ was never used. Because people may immediately think ‘sales presentation’. And once this happens their resistance goes up.

You want low resistance. Sure, everyone knows I’m there to sign them up for Karate. And it’s not gonna be free. But in their mind they’re thinking “Gee I’d like to find out about these karate classes and maybe I’ll go have a look at a class or something, I’ll hear this guy out.” That’s a much better internal conversation for them to be having inside their heads than “I’m interested in Karate but this guy’s here to sign me up for classes right now, feels like I’m being sold.”

Even the body language was important. When we’d mention the Karate club on the porch, we’d motion over our shoulder, as a subtle psychological hint that it was a local club just around the corner. Even our folder positioning was important – my preferred place was at my side, not completely hidden but just hanging back almost out of sight, as if forgotten during the conversation, until it came time to book the appointment of course. But having it right out front with pen ready to write, says: “Hi, I’m here to sign you up for something. What’s your credit card number?”

Copywriting strategy is the strategic use of sales copy. The language and positioning you use are important components – are you using the right words on your FaceBook page? Are you sending your prospects to a sales page before they are ready to be sold? The answers come from knowing your target market, and testing.

me copyBrian Cassingena is Australia’s #1 Copywriting Strategy Expert, direct response copywriter and digital nomad. He runs Cassingena Copy, the 14 Day eBook Factory and other businesses while traveling the world.

The Year of Living Purposefully – a Momentous Journey

The Year of Living Purposefully – a Momentous Journey

Are YOU Living Purposefully?
Are YOU Living Purposefully?

I woke up on new years day this year with the thought: “The Year of Living Purposefully” going off like an alarm clock in my heart and mind.

It is a surreal feeling thing to wake up with a phrase like that ringing in your ears.

And I soon realized that ‘Living Purposefully’ was going to entail lots of serious commitment and changes…

– – Healing past hurts [people to forgive, lost love to let go of]
– – Taking some dreams down off the shelf.
– – Getting really serious about ‘Doing the Stuff’ that needs to be done.

And getting back the B.D. Factor [ Burning Desire] in bucketloads.

It also involves stepping out of your comfort zone.

For me that includes:

1. Getting up at 6am and walking 2 hours a day.

This is something I always love AFTER I have gotten out and been doing for 5 minutes but seriously, on most mornings, is the last thing I feel like doing.

2. Making a ‘Conscious Choice’ to educate myself in regards to marketing.

I am determined to learn more than I have at any time in the last 15 years.

And so am busy choosing expert mentors and implementing the stuff they are teaching me.

3. Giving serious attention to my marketing.

I am doing my very best to share quality content and reaching out each day to form new relationships with quality people.

4. Getting laser-focused and developing very clearly defined goals.

I know what I want to do. I know who I want to do it with. I know how I want to do it and when.

No vague generalities. No wondering. No drifting along.

Purpose! Direction! Determination! are fast becoming the catch cry of my heart.

5. Living by actions not by intentions.

You see, we can have the best intentions in the world, but is it being a ‘doer’ of the word [and not a hearer only] that separates the men from the boys.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

6. Keeping my commitments to myself.

We hear a great deal about accountability. But very little about accountability to ourselves.

My daily exercise is a commitment that I made to myself. I looked in the mirror and said “Chris you need to do this for yourself. It is time to get seriously fit and healthy and stay that way!”

7. Living a balanced life.

I am determined to work smarter not just harder. I am taking more time out to stop and smell the roses.

Taking time to enjoy the journey.

8. Keeping my eyes on the prize.

Not getting sidetracked. Refusing to listen to negative people or get caught up in anything that is going to take me ‘off purpose’

Some truly amazing doors are opening up for me. I am determined to ‘step up to the plate’ and do what needs to be done.

Anyone want to come on a similar journey with me?

The Year of Living Purposefully – A is for Action!

The Year of Living Purposefully – A is for Action!

The year of living purposefullyThe Year of Living Purposefully – A is for Action!

When it comes to growing your business, talk is cheap.

What are you actually DOING?

Because is is only the ‘doing’ that changes things. You might have the best of intentions – but intentions alone are like a car without an engine. It looks good on the outside but there is nothing to make it go and it will never take you anywhere.

And so with that in mind, let me ask you a few questions:

• What specific actions are you taking?
• Who are you asking for help?
• What books are you reading?
• Who is mentoring you?
• Which teachers or experts are you listening to?
• Who is holding you accountable?
• What are you doing to work on YOU?
• WHY are you doing what you do?
• What are you doing to get or stay healthy?
• What are the 3 things you need to start doing every day?
• What do you need to get to where you are heading?
• Who should you be speaking to?
• What have you learned from your mistakes?
• Why are you going to take action today?

Beating Your Competition

Beating Your Competition

beating the competitionYou’ll Always Struggle Until You Understand This One Vital Truth…

So you want to sell more – so you can experience less stress, more money and a heap more options and fun in life – right?

Well guess what, the odds are it will never happen until you understand what I am about to share with you in this post.

So please pay very close attention.

FACT: You MUST know deep down inside exactly what it is that you bring to the table!

For example, see the picture in this post?

I know, that I know, that I know, it is a perfect description of who I am and what I do in business.

I’m the guy that shows people ‘How to Get the Marketing Right’ and shows you a clear pathway out of the marketing maze.

But is its’t enough for me to simply tell YOU that.

I have to know it.

I have to believe it.

I have to live, breathe, sleep, think, dream and embody it.

FIRST for me.

And ONLY then for my clients.

Can you see what I am trying to show you here?

Years ago we used to tell people they needed to understand their USP [Unique Selling Proposition].

And all that is right and good and true.

But you know what is 10 times more effective?

It is when YOU know, understand and BELIEVE in the specific value that you have to offer people in your business.

NOTE: It is equally important that you know what you don’t offer.

Why am I sharing this today?

Because someone contacted me recently and asked: “Are you the guy who tells people: “Give me your 3 Biggest, Hardest and Most Challenging Problems in Marketing Your Business, And I’ll Solve Them in 90 Minutes or Less…?”

I told him: “Yes! That’s me mate”

He then asked me: “Don’t you get worried making a promise like that?”

And it struck me – “No! I NEVER get worried because I know what I bring to the table!”

Now enough about me.

What about you?

– – What about your sales team? [if you have one]

– – What about your marketing message?

– – What about your copy? videos? offers? positioning?

– – Are you and they reflecting who you truly are?

Because, trust me, there is something about knowing the value you have to offer that makes you magnetic as far as prospects and sales are concerned.

NOTE: I am NOT talking about being proud and arrogant… rather exuding and air of quiet assurance and confidence that can ONLY come from knowing the value you have to give to others.

So tell me, what is it that YOU do that sets you apart from the competition?

Why Nobody Likes You When You Are a Miserable Git…

Why Nobody Likes You When You Are a Miserable Git…

Don't Worry - Be Happy!Why Nobody Likes You When You Are a Miserable Git...

Over the years I have met some really ‘sad and sorry’ business owners.

Individuals who, for a variety of reasons, have decided that they have been ‘hard done by’ in life and who get totally fixated on the negative stuff that has befallen them along the road of life.

And before you start looking down on folk in your mind…


Be honest.

Because we have all been there at some time or another.

Sometimes life throws you ‘curveballs’ that you could never have expected in a thousand years and when that happens, there is nothing wrong with stopping and having a good cry if you need to.

It is when YOU allow the situations and circumstances you have faced [or are facing] to make you embrace a cynical outlook and disposition that things really go from bad to worse.

Here Are 7 Ways to Start Feeling Better Today:

1. Count Your Blessings.

Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle from top to bottom. In the top left write TRIALS and in the top right write BLESSINGS Then start writing. Think of every single thing you can be thankful for.

You will be very surprised to discover just how many things you have to be thankful for.

2. Exercise.

It makes an amazing difference. A few weeks ago, walking 7 kilometers was kicking the stuffing out of me – now I am walking 14 to 16km a day and absolutely loving it. When you exercise, your body releases ‘Endorphins’ [the bodies ‘feel good’ chemicals. Try it. You will love it.

3. Make a Quality Decision to Get Expert Help to Grow Your Business THIS Week.

You would be amazed at the difference ‘Getting the Marketing Right’ makes.

==> NOTE: Not sure who to hire to do what? Or where to start?

Please feel free to message me and I’ll give you my honest opinion. [I know some very smart and wonderful people].

4. Practice Gratitude.

In Sonja Lyubomirsky’s The How Of Happiness, she teaches us how 50% of our propensity for happiness is based on a genetic set point, something we can’t influence very much, 10% is based on life circumstances (such as getting the promotion, finding The One, or achieving the creative dream), and 40% is “intentional activity” that we can influence with our behavior.

That means we can be up to 40% happier in our lives without changing our circumstances one bit, and one of the key intentional activities is the practice of gratitude.

Research shows that consistently grateful people are happier, more energetic, more hopeful, more helpful, more empathic, more spiritual, more forgiving, and less materialistic. They’re also less likely to be depressed, anxious, lonely, envious, neurotic, or sick.

In one study, one group of participants were asked to name five things they’re grateful for every day, while another group was asked to list five hassles. Those expressing gratitude were not only happier and more optimistic, they reported fewer physical symptoms (such as headache, cough, nausea, or acne). Other gratitude studies have shown that those with chronic illnesses demonstrate clinical improvement when practicing regular gratitude.

5. Be An Encourager.

Sow the EXACT same seed in other peoples lives that you want to see come to harvest in your own life.

Encourage people.

Love people.

Build people up.

Show compassion.


Show kindness and patience. Go out of your way to be considerate and helpful to others..

6. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People.

It is one of the first best-selling self-help books ever published. Written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1936, it has sold 15 million copies world-wide.

7. Change Your Diet!

Quit eating junk food. Get off sugar. Odds are your diet is slowly killing you. Change it today.

Feeling sorry for yourself is normal but STAYING there isn’t.

Ready to make serious changes starting today?

Read Point #3 Again smile emoticon



Red CarpetWhy Your Life is a Movie and How to Make it a Really Good One…

Imagine with me for a moment that your life is a movie and you are the director and lead actor.

What kind of a film are you making?

What role do you play?

The part of your movie that looks at your business, what would it be like?

Would it focus on an individual with a ‘burning desire’ to succeed?

Or would it portray somebody who never really took things seriously?

Would it show you just drifting along year after year caught in a never-ending loop of mediocrity?

Or would it show you breaking free, standing tall and leaving your mark in the world?

And the other cast members [your family, friends and clients] what would they say about you?

FACT: You only get to appear on the stage of life for a very brief moment in time.

And when it is all said and done, what would the credits say?

Would they talk about the good you did, the difference you made and the grateful folk you left behind?

Or would they say:

  • He or she never really stood up to the plate and took responsibility for their business.
  • They just drifted along in life.
  • No vision.
  • No consistent action.
  • Very little results.
  • They knew deep in their heart that they needed help. They were just to lazy or proud or distracted to reach out and ask for it…

Your life IS just like a movie.

What are you doing to make it really worth seeing?

What do we REALLY need to teach the next generation?

What do we REALLY need to teach the next generation?

Emma SargentI recently spoke on (is it ‘on’, ‘at’, ‘in’?) an online conference. Anyway, grammar aside, I was interviewed for the online conference “The Confident Mother” and was invited to speak because of our interest in the entrepreneurial teen. (You may know that we have taken our two to the USA a couple of times to entrepreneurs’ conferences – lucky things). Indeed – that was the title of the interview – The Entrepreneurial Teen.

As I was preparing for the interview a few things occurred to me, in that “lightbulb moment” type way.

Yes, Tim and I are extremely interested in teaching the skills of being able to start and build your own business (if that’s what is now commonly referred to as an entrepreneur) to our children, but actually it’s about much more than that.

What’s really important to us, personally, is that people have choice in their lives; that they have the skills and qualities needed to allow them to make the choices that are right for them and they want to make. It doesn’t matter what that choice is.

So let’s look beyond the business ‘how to’ just for the moment and look at what qualities and skills we need to have choice throughout our lives.

It occurred to me that the qualities that we need to be instilling in our children, whether they want to start their own business or be a lawyer, actor, accountant, butcher, banker, whatever… are the very qualities that you need to be an entrepreneur.

And of course it’s particularly important that we keep working on these ourselves; we are all work in progress, after all.

So what are they? Here’s a few of the big ones:

  • Knowing what you want and setting goals – self-motivation

We can encourage this in our children and teens by doing vision boards with them; cut out pictures of what they want in their lives and keep going back to it.

  • Doing what it takes to get what you want – persistence

We have a culture of ‘entitlement’ that is damaging the future generation. They are learning that you can have things on credit before you’ve earned anything and don’t really understand the consequences. They have to learn that they need to be prepared to work for what they want.   So, give pocket money or an allowance for helping at home, rather than just for existing, and the ability to earn extra for extra work. And suggest that you will match what they earn for big things.

  • Understanding that failure is inevitable on the path to success – resilience

This is such a big one. Most of us struggle with the concept of failure being ok. We all fail in small ways all the time; but if we see it like that it will grind us down. Being able to learn from mistakes and move on is vital.

As parents we often protect our children from making mistakes and learning from the natural consequences of that mistake. “Mum, I’ve left my gym kit at home” – how many times have I dropped it in?! Well, that’s not helping anyone. Protecting our children from getting into trouble does not help to build up their independence and resilience, so think again before you hop in the car.

  • Being able to ask for something – self-confidence and communication

We are all selling all the time; yourself, an idea, a product. You can’t NOT communicate, so you may as well do it well. Teach your children to speak to adults, to communicate with people that are not on Facebook, and talk to them without their phones attached to them! Have I already told you that my cousin recently got a job that had had 200 applicants? And the reason she got it? She was THE ONLY ONE who looked the interviewer in the eye and shook their hand; yes, THE ONLY ONE.   Personally, we think that all teenagers should learn how to sell properly.

  • An interest in learning about all sorts of things – curiosity, problem solving and continual improvement.

People who succeed in life are life long learners, always searching for some kind of improvement and for that we need to instill curiosity and openness in our children. Expose them to interesting people and stories of success if you can; share good news stories and go and find out about things together.

Of course we also need to teach them all sorts of practical skills that I won’t go into today for fear of going on and on! Perhaps another time.

We’d love to hear how you ‘educate’ your teens to develop these skills. Please leave a comment below.

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