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The Year of Living Purposefully – Bourn

The Year of Living Purposefully – Bourn

Robert the Bruce AKA Braveheart

The Year of Living Purposefully – Bourn

The Dictionary defines the word Bourn

1. Destination

2. Goal

Today I want to ask you if you have a destination and a goal?

Because if you intend to live purposefully, you are going to have to seriously develop both in abundance.

The pages of history are filled with individuals who had “Bourn”

One story I remember from my childhood is about Robert the Bruce:

HUNDREDS of years ago there was a king of Scotland and his name was Robert the Bruce. The times in which he lived were wild and dangerous.

The King of England was at war with him, and had led a great army into Scotland to drive him out of the land and to make himself King of Scotland.

Battle after battle he had fought with England. Six times Robert the Bruce had led his army against his foes. Six times in a row his men had been beaten, until finally they were driven into flight.

At last the army of Scotland was entirely scattered, and the king was forced to hide in the woods and in lonely places among the mountains.

One cold, rainy day, Robert the Bruce lay in a cave, listening to the rainfall outside the cave entrance. He was tired and felt sick at heart, ready to give up all hope. It seemed to him that there was no use for him to try to do anything more.

As he lay thinking, he noticed a spider over his head, getting ready to weave her web. He watched her as she worked slowly and with great care. Six times she tried to throw her thread from one edge of the cave wall to another. Six times her thread fell short.

“Poor thing!” said Robert the Bruce. “You, too, know what it’s like to fail six times in a row.”

But the spider did not lose hope. With still more care, she made ready to try for a seventh time. Robert the Bruce almost forgot his own troubles as he watched, fascinated. She swung herself out upon the slender line.

Would she fail again? No! The thread was carried safely to the cave wall, and fastened there.

“Yes!” cried Bruce, “I, too, will try a seventh time!”

So he arose and called his men together. He told them of his plans, and sent them out with hopeful messages to cheer the discouraged people. Soon there was an army of brave men around him. A seventh battle was fought, and this time the King of England was forced to retreat back to his own country.

It wasn’t long before England recognized Scotland as an independent country with Robert the Bruce as its rightful king.

And to this very day, the victory of Scotland is traced to a spider who kept trying again and again to spin her web in a cave and inspired the king of Scotland, Robert the Bruce.

NOTE: Whether or not the story is part legend or true, it serves a very good purpose. We all need a destination and a goal in life. It also is a great reminder that “Failure ISN’T Final” Our responses determine our destiny.

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The Year of Living Purposefully and The Importance of Big Ideas

The Year of Living Purposefully and The Importance of Big Ideas

the year of living purposefullyThe Year of Living Purposefully  and The Importance of Big Ideas

I have just spent about  7 days straight recording and editing videos. I am now writing sales copy and in a couple of days, I’ll start selling a high-ticket package to Business Coaches and Marketing Consultants.

And here’s the thing:

All of this started with a simple “Big” idea.

I had been speaking to a business coach here in the UK and right in the middle of our conversation it dawned on me that whilst she really knew her stuff when it came to coaching people, she absolutely sucked when it came to marketing her coaching practice.

Something wonderful happened that day…

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The Year of Living Purposefully – A is for Animus [Part Two]

The Year of Living Purposefully – A is for Animus [Part Two]

Th year of living purposefully chris bloorThe Year of Living Purposefully – A is for Animus [Part 2]

How to Make Purpose and Intention Real in Your Life

I think one of the greatest tragedies of our age is the fact that hundreds of millions of people have been lulled into living their lives devoid of purpose and intention.

It is interesting that the antonym for the word intention is discouragement.

There is a very good reason for this…

It is because you born with the seeds of greatness within you.

sadly, over time, as a result of your education and the choices you have made,  you have allowed the world around you [along with the opinions and restrictions of others] to squeeze you into its own mold.

7 Things That Are Stopping You From Reaching Your Destiny

1. What You Watch. I might upset some people here, but if you watch 5 hours of mindless reality TV a night you will never think great thoughts. Television is one of the most powerful tools in the world for the ‘Dumbing Down’ of the masses. 

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The Year of Living Purposefully A is for Animus

The Year of Living Purposefully A is for Animus

the year of living purposefully animusThe Year of Living Purposefully  A is for Animus

[Finding Purpose and Intention in Life and In Business Part 1]

It is an undeniable fact that one of the biggest problems in the world is that huge masses of people are living lives of mediocrity.

I recently addressed this in some copy I wrote for a guy in the real estate niche:

You Have Been Deliberately, Purposefully and Calculatingly Educated to be IGNORANT in Regards to Wealth Creation!

From your very first day at school you were trapped in an outdated, ineffective system, designed to produce… compliant employees not freedom-loving entrepreneurs!

And whether you realize it or not,

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The Year of Living Purposefully – Ambition and How to Get More of It!

The Year of Living Purposefully – Ambition and How to Get More of It!

The Year of Living Purposefully - AmbitionLiving Purposefully involves many things and believe it or not – one of them is a hefty dose of ambition. I don’t mean selfish, shallow, ambition – the kind that ruthlessly walks over others – rather a “Fire in the Belly” to be the very best you can be as an individual.

To reach and fulfill your full potential and to experience what it truly means to live a life of purpose, meaning and destiny.

One of the key synonyms for “Purpose” is the word Ambition.

Here is a List of  26 Synonyms for Ambition:

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The Night My Stepfather Tried to Drown Me… [Part 4 Busking, Window Cleaning and Spy Holes]

The Night My Stepfather Tried to Drown Me… [Part 4 Busking, Window Cleaning and Spy Holes]

Chris Bloor stepfather storyIt didn’t matter that I had money. It was utterly impossible to rent anywhere.

Every person I spoke to told me :

“You are too young – go home”


“You need a bank account and a job”

It was heartbreaking!

And so for the next 2 years I slept in a myriad of different places.

– – Under bridges
– – In the toilets at the State Reference Library
– – On the beach
– – In abandoned buildings

And I absolutely HATED every single minute of it.

But… there was one thing that I didn’t hate…

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Would You Rather Be Popular or Successful?

Would You Rather Be Popular or Successful?

7 Irrefutable Laws to Becoming Successfully Popular

Entrepreneurs, authors and marketers often ask should they focus on being popular or being successful? Most often quip the answer, “both” to that question. However, when considering the integration of advertising-PR-marketing-branding, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

AYB PR vs Ad

Maybe a better question would be, “Which comes first…being popular or successful?”

If you are unfortunate enough to be on a reality show, you may be popular first and leverage your 15 minutes of PR and fame into some version of success later (unlikely, but possible). For the majority of entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers and speakers, success comes before public relations, PR or branding.

Popularity is when others talk about you. On a basic level, this is as simple as a referral. For the enlightened entrepreneur, it’s a PR campaign of social media, broadcast media mentions and referral-based conversations. The reason a person becomes popular is because of their story…a story of success or overcoming adversity. Without a compelling story, why should anyone care? Why should I take my valuable time to read about your uninteresting life or business?

“Oh, you were bankrupt and homeless, then became a millionaire?”

Good for you…it’s an old story being told by much better well known figures.

“Wow…you were divorced, depressed and out of work, then found your passion?”

Yawn…heard that one a thousand times.

There is a clear path to positioning your PR and message so you can actually stand out. There is a formula that, when followed well, can make even make a day-to-day existence into an compelling message one can use to motivate people to action (translation=buy your stuff).

Like all rules, there is an exception. Some of the most wildly successful people have made millions of dollars and impacted millions of people before accomplishing anything significant on a personal level. Their success was based on “reporting” on the success of others. Nearly all journalists establish their credibility and authority through their position. Using them and their PR to your advantage is as old as the Sun.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, was a reporter and wasn’t even paid to create his masterpiece book. His success was due to his compilation of success principles he learned while researching and publishing his book. He leveraged the book and his foundation continues to flourish to this day.

Oprah Winfrey, TV host, took over a low-rated morning show in Chicago. Within a few years, her syndicated show would transform her brand into an international empire of movies, magazines, books and media. The “Oprah effect” is a term coined by many publishers today including Inc. magazine.

If you take the route of reporting on success, embrace it. If you are not a reporter, get to know a few.

If you have a compelling story, a product that can transform lives or a “triumph over tragedy” message, it’ll be up to you to craft it intelligently for the media and PR machine.

Regardless if you are positioning yourself as the reporter or the story, be sure to follow these following foundational principles in order to go from obscurity to notoriety. When you keep these factors in mind and apply them consistently, your marketing and PR becomes effortless and you can transform your outbound efforts (email, social media, advertising, speaking, trade shows, etc.) into inbound order processing where people contact you.

  1. Conversations vs. monologues. Position your product or service as a conversation. Ask questions. Take surveys. Don’t assume your product or service is the best. What if it’s not? What if your competitors really do make a better mousetrap? If you aren’t vulnerable enough to poll your audience, the only person you are fooling is yourself.
  2. Nanocast vs. broadcast. Most entrepreneurs dream big. While that is admirable, marketing to the world is impossible and targeting women 35-55 is a marketing death sentence. (Do you really think you can compete with Good Housekeeping?) Your press release can target any size audience and make a difference. Seth Godin once commented that entrepreneur can make a six-figure income with a list of 1,000 people.
  3. Storytelling vs. story selling. Nobody likes to be sold…ever. We all love stories, however. While going to the movies is a great form of entertainment, most major cultural shifts, political upheavals and disruptive new products or trends are told through a story. Mastering your PR story is vital to communicating and garnering a loyal following. I encourage my non-fiction authors to study fiction and visa versa. People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.
  4. Advertising vs. PR. As the photo included in this article clearly demonstrates, advertising isn’t the same as public relations. No successful business flourishes without both, but rarely does a start-up have the budget for a proper advertising, marketing, PR, public relations and a branding program. Companies with shoestring budgets are well known for leveraging viral or referral-based programs. One of my all time favorites is Dollar Shave Club. In a hilarious, near-stream-of-consciousness-style monologue, founder Michael Dublin extolled the virtues of Dollar Shave Club and it was an instant hit. DSC is a private company and hasn’t released any revenue numbers, but it does have over 200,000 customers due in no small part to this brilliant video, with over 17 million views.[youtube id=”ZUG9qYTJMsI” height=”353″ width=”574″ marginbottom=”15″]
  5. Leverage vs. linear. When marketers hear, “You must be on Facebook.” or “If you aren’t doing video, you are missing the boat.” We all nod our heads in agreement. However, smart marketers integrate their message and media to maximize the output. Does your tweet need to be on Facebook? Maybe. Should your blog post be featured on Linkedin? Possibly. Whatever channels you use in your messaging, be sure to leverage them across as many modalities as possible. Tweet your blog, transcribe your podcast and post your videos on Youtube and Facebook. Use well-written press releases to increase your expert status. The more times you are seen, the better.
  6. Integrate vs. interrupt. With so many choices of channels, many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed. Instead of selecting your channels and integrating them based on what you like, consider where your customers are going and start conversations on their turf. You many not understand Instagram, but if your audience is there, you need to be there, also. When you do select your channels, be sure to refer to #1…converse, don’t pontificate.
  7. Quality of your referrals. As the photo illustrates, who is talking about you is critical. When a neighbor refers you business, that’s a good thing. When your Pinterest image is shared to a new group of 1,000 people, that’s great. When your story is published in the Wall Street Journal, that’s akin to the lottery for many entrepreneurs. Many people hope or “try” to garner high-quality PR and referrals, but as Chris Bloor, Bob Burg or any other integrity-based marketers will tell you, the best way to get referrals is to give them out first….selflessly. Do that enough and to the right people and your marketing will become effortless.

There are more than 7 laws, of course. I outlined these 7 because without these as the foundation, all the advertising, marketing, branding and PR in the world will continue to keep you stalled, ineffective and relatively unknown.

When you consistently apply the 7 laws above you’ll become popular and successful. This combination will tip your outbound marketing efforts into effortless, inbound order taking before you know it.

-Doug Crowe

The Year of Living Purposefully – The 3 “P’s”

The Year of Living Purposefully – The 3 “P’s”

I woke up early this morning for my 2 hour walk. It was freezing outside and as I walked I started thinking about The 3 “P’s”

1. Purpose
2. Perspective
3. Perseverance

It is sad reality that MOST people live life with all its great potential with little or no purpose.

And just in case you are wondering, no one can give you that purpose. It is something that you have to discover and define for yourself.

Something ONLY you can discover. But one thing is for certain, the moment you discover your purpose EVERYTHING changes.

And purpose gives birth to…

2. Perspective. When I was kid, I had this terrible habit when I rode my bike. I would get absolutely fascinated by the front wheel.

I have a vivid memory of flying through the air after hitting a pothole [that I would have easily seen and avoided if I hadn’t been looking at the front wheel] and thinking to myself “This is really going to hurt!” It did.

Now imagine you visit a big shopping center and when you go to drive home your focus ONLY on the hood of your car…

Trust me, you would be in for a wild time! I doubt you would even make it out of the car park.

But you say: “Chris that is crazy! All I need to do is lift up my eyes and see the road!”

Exactly! That is the power of perspective!

Some of you have your nose an inch away from the front wheel – is it any wonder you keep crashing into things?

Keep your eyes on the Prize!

3. Perseverance. This flows out of the first two. When you find your life’s purpose, you suddenly see things in perspective and when that happens you are willing to persevere.

Purpose – Perspective – Perseverance.

Do you have them?

Are you helping your clients to experience them?

The Night My Stepfather Tried to Drown Me… [Part 3 Leaving School and Living Rough]

The Night My Stepfather Tried to Drown Me… [Part 3 Leaving School and Living Rough]

angry stepfatherThe Night My Stepfather Tried to Drown Me… [Part 3 Leaving School and Living Rough]

I knew my Stepfather would be at work and so I went home and packed my rucksack. I took 5 tins of baked beans and my pillow and some clothes… [Nowhere near enough clothes].

I remember pushing my key through the letterbox and thinking to myself: “I’m just a kid. This shouldn’t be happening to me.”

And I went out into the big wide world. Then it struck me… I had nowhere to go.

Plus I only had $20 and that wasn’t going to last long.

I thought about the Careers Guidance guy a my school just a month earlier and how I had told him: “I am unemployable.” And at the same moment I realized… my school days were over.

==>No point going to school when you have no place to live.

Suddenly I remembered I didn’t have my guitar and went home to grab it.

It was about 10.15 am and I had an idea to make money!

After picking up my guitar, I caught the bus into the city of Perth and walked into the Hay Street Mall.

I must have looked a terrible site. Scruffy hair – badly creased clothes from a night laying in the boat.

To be honest, the very last thing in the world that I wanted to do was stand in the street and sing to a bunch of strangers as they walked by.

But that is what I did.

I put my hat at my feet, closed my eyes… and started to sing at the top of my voice!

I only knew about 3 songs so I sang them over and over and by that afternoon, I had made $18.73 cents!

It was surreal.

I sat in the dining room at Coles Cafeteria and looked at all the coins and thought: “At least I won’t starve!”

But then I had a really horrible thought: Where in the world was I going to sleep that night?

I discovered that as a 14 year old kid no one was willing to rent me a room. I spent my first night sleeping rough. It was one of the most horrible experiences of my entire life…

[Continued in Part 4]

The Year of Living Purposefully – 5 Areas of Your Life Where Purpose Matters Most

The Year of Living Purposefully – 5 Areas of Your Life Where Purpose Matters Most

Nutri-Bullet Juicer
Nutri-Bullet Juicer

The Year of Living Purposefully 5 Areas of Your Life Where Purpose Matters Most [Part 1 – Health]

1. Your Health. If you are like most people in the western world, you are not even slightly as fit as you should be. You eat junk and seldom exercise. And as a result you are opening yourself up to a myriad of health conditions from diabetes to cancer and heaps in-between.

At the time of writing this I am living in the UK which has just won the sad title of being the second most overweight nation in Europe.


When I read about this in the local newspaper, my mind went back to when I lived in China a few years back. And I remembered how very healthy the people were.

I was personally amazed at how much fruit and vegetables people ate.

They “purposefully” take care of their health with the result being that you can go into almost any park and see senior citizens exercising every day of the week.

And I mean people in their late 70’s and 80’s

They can be found in all weathers doing Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Dancing.

Yet in the town I live in here in England I have never seen a single individual that age exercising.

But I have seen lots of morbidly obese people riding on assisted scooters.

Last year I had a prostate cancer scare. Thankfully all my biopsies were negative. But it really served as a definite wake up call.

I am now seriously determined to live purposefully with regards to my health.

One of my intentions is to lose 30 kilos in 2015.

Here Are 5 Things I am Doing to Lose Weight & Get Healthy

1] Walking 2 Hours  a Day

This morning when I woke it was raining outside and my bed was very warm.

But I reminded myself that I am asking the afformation question everyday:

“Why do I attain and maintain my ideal weight?”

And the answer is definitely NOT:  “Because I lay in bed and don’t exercise”

2. Eating Healthy Foods. I walked through the supermarket the other day and was amazed at the amount of processed junk on sale.  I am ‘Purposefully’  avoiding processed foods.

3. Using my Bullet Juicer! I cannot even begin to say how awesome these things are.  Seriously  a brilliant investment.

4.  Noah St John’s Afformations. I cannot even begin to say how much of an impact Noah’s breakthrough ideas have impacted my life.

5. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I am seeing a brilliant Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in Sheffield and feel fantastic as a result of the explosion in well being I am experiencing.

6. The B.D Factor. [Burning Desire] I made a quality decision that I desire and choose health and fitness MUCH more than I desire the sedentary lifestyle I allowed myself to lapse into.

7. Doing What I Love. I am 100% “Unemployable” [and always will be]. Thankfully, because I work online and love what I do this is not an issue for me. Lately I have discovered a new sense of appreciation and gratitude for the fact that I do what I love and love what I do.

Life is way too short too be chained to a job that is draining the life out of you!

NOTE: Speak to me if you are stuck where that is concerned.

So, What About You?

Are you the weight you should be?

Are you proactively “Taking Responsibility” for your health?

Because your health is a vital part of living purposefully.

In fact, it is foundational to it.

I have seen so many people spending their health to get their wealth, only to end up spending their wealth in an often futile effort to win back their health.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Live purposefully!

The Year of Living Purposefully – Relationships

The Year of Living Purposefully – Relationships

the year of living purposefully - relationshipsThree years ago I lost my marriage.

I cannot even begin to describe the tsunami of emotional turmoil and pain that unleashed into my life.

You see, I absolutely adored my ex wife. I had never met anyone as genuine or ‘perfect’ as her in my life before.

And I am 100% convinced had it not been for the influence of some religious “Charis-maniacs”  we would still be together…

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The Year of Living Purposefully and Why We All Need the B.D. Factor…

The Year of Living Purposefully and Why We All Need the B.D. Factor…

The Year of Living Purposefully and Why We All Need the B.D. Factor.The Year of Living Purposefully and Why We All Need the B.D. Factor…

The dictionary defines the word purpose as: “A person’s sense of resolve or determination.” And for most of us [myself included] therein lies the problem.

We lack the B.D. Factor. [Burning Desire Factor]

We have the best of intentions, we just get sidetracked too easily.

What we need to do is get to the place where our desire, for change becomes genuine resolve or determination.

In my own case, one of my goals is to lose 30 kilos and so everyday I am setting my alarm early and come wind, hail, snow or sunshine, I am starting each morning with a two hour walk.

January 31st I’ll post and share how much weight I have lost.

I am also applying the B.D. Factor to my business.

But that is the subject of tomorrow’s post…

The Year of Living Purposefully

The Year of Living Purposefully

The Year of Living Purposefully Chris BloorI woke up today with the words: The Year of Living Purposefully in my mind.

The dictionary defines the word purpose as: “A person’s sense of resolve or determination.”

If you check out the word “Purpose” in the Thesaurus, you will discover an additional 43 words, each giving a different insight and deeper meaning into the word.

I have decided to make 2015 my “Year of Living Purposefully”

I intend to take each of these 43 words and on my Blog and YouTube channel, share my own journey and experience in making each of them a reality in my life.

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